General December 8, 2015

WSPSA 30th Anniversary

Robert Hoyden and Geoff Gese sent invitations to Process Servers around the State wanting to form an association that would support the industry in an effort to up-date the laws to protect our industry, to offer education to process servers across the State.  

Thirty Years ago today Process Servers throughout the State came together and formed the Washington State Process Servers Association. WSPSA. 

Thirty years later WSPSA continues to look out for the best interest of our profession, working with our membership and NAPPS.  Congratulations to all the Founding Members of WSPSA and all the New Members who continue to lead us through the changes in our industry while keeping an eye out to the laws relating to Process Serving in the State.

Saturday 12/05/2015 the WSPSA Board met and under the direction of it’s new President, moving forward looking at technology and legislative possibilities, continuing to do what’s best for our industry.  There were three finding  members at that Board meeting,  Gary Turpen, Greg and MaryLee Rustand, who are still working together for Process Servers throughout the State, and mentoring the next generation of Process Servers looking out to protect and promote WSPSA.

Please visit WSPSA on line for more information.
In closing..  I can’t thank everyone throughout our State, Members, Associate Members, out of State Members and NAPPS for 30 years of support. 

1  Encourage Respect for the law and the administration of justice.
2  Observe the laws of the United States and the State of Washington
3  Promote high standards of loyalty, cooperation, and courtesy.
4  Perform all duties of the profession with integrity and competence.
5  Pursue a high order of professional achievement.
6  Support WSPSA, its officers, board, and committees in every way possible.
7  Abide by WSPSA grievance and arbitration procedures.
8  Abide by the WSPSA Professional Conduct Requirements.

Congratulations WSPSA Members…  Keep up the good work another 30 Years !!

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